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Impurities Synthesis

AJ Chemicals is an expert-driven enterprise offering unmatched Impurity Synthesis Services. Your venture enjoys a reliable and guaranteed partnership with India’s leading chemicals supplier and manufacturer.

Chemical substances present inside a confined sample of another, different chemical compound are known as impurities. In terms of pharmaceuticals, impurities are those unwanted components which differ from the main chemical entity defined as the drug. Mostly, impurities arise due to synthesis. Inorganic contaminants are generally not included under the term “impurities” unless they are toxic, for example, heavy metal or arsenic.

Impurities and intermediates are synthesized in order to actionably study and understand it in toxicological terms. Synthesizing impurities to create an impurities profile of given chemical substances allows further analysis regarding quality, effectiveness, compliance, and safety of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

Natural Compounds

Compounds made by living entities are known as natural compounds. There are two main taxonomies of natural compounds: primary and secondary metabolites. Natural compounds, though originally made by and for living beings, can also be synthesized artificially. This process is the core of the theory and practice of organic chemistry, and also one in which AJ Chemicals excels and delivers top-quality products and services to clients.

Natural Compounds have distinct biological activities and diverse utilities in the field of pharmaceuticals. Since they are extracted or based upon living entities, these unique features are result from a long process of evolution spanning millions of years.

They provide a model based on which more effective and precise compounds may be synthesized. Due to this, natural substances are often the points of origin for drug discovery, known as “lead compounds”.

AJ Chemicals conducts natural compound synthesis at our state-of-the-art facilities and expert team of qualified, experienced chemical scientists.

Labelled Products

Isotopic labelling means replacing one or more elements of a compound with its stable isotope without changing its fundamental chemical properties, resulting in a non-radioactive chemical substance wherein one or more original constitutive element has been supplanted by its stable isotope.

  • Biomedical research and toxicology has greatly benefited from its study, synthesis, and understanding of isotopically labelled compounds.
  • Furthering the understanding of biological and chemical processes is one of the chief outcomes of creation of labelled compounds, and the pace of production for the same has been picking up rapidly due to its utility in academic scientific research, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

Whether for commercial or scientific use, AJ Chemicals has all the resources, equipment, and expertise at hand to deliver satisfaction and value for our clients and emerge as their chosen supplier and manufacturer of chemical goods.


Peptides are essential to the basic functioning, growth, and development of living beings and are therefore essential to a range of key biochemical and physiological functions.

Peptide synthesis by AJ Chemicals is profitable for your venture and is executed with precision and professionalism. This process has acquired renewed significance in biotech and pharmaceutical research as there is an industrial shift towards biologicals for identifying and working on new drug candidates.

Peptides are based in living organisms which makes their origin non-toxic. This is one of the main features that makes them so safe for in vivo application as compared to conventional small molecule drugs. Custom peptide synthesis at AJ Chemicals is client-oriented, timely, and of the highest standards.

API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)

API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) is that component or group of components in a medicine defined as its active ingredient. The active ingredient defines the purpose and efficacy of the drug, and its intended ‘effect; is also determined by the API.

The synthesis of APIs is among the first steps taken towards developing drugs that serve towards diagnosis and amelioration of illnesses and to impinge upon the structure and functioning of the body in other ways. APIs are taken as the constitutive elements of pharmaceutical products and must go through further chemical procedures to be rendered into pharmaceutical products intended for end-use.

AJ Chemicals has developed APIs with consistent compliance to standards and client specifications. Our manufacturing and storage practices are unsurpassed in the market.